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Celestion Ditton 15 Speakers

This is a pair of stunning Celestion Ditton 15 speakers. I recently acquired these speakers and the person who had previously owned them stupidly painted the cases. I have slowly but surely removed all of the paint and have oiled them with linseed oil and they are back to looking beautiful. Unfortunately both of the covers have a slight split on the back but this is not noticeable from the front. Plus there is very small paint mark on one of the speakers in the grooves which is hardly visible and the bottoms of them still have small amounts of paint on them. Also the backs are tatty, with two small holes in each as they used to have hooks (?) in them, but all this is cosmetic and does not overweigh the fact that they sound absolutely awesome, deep lows and crystal clear highs. I am actually really sad to part with them after spending so much time working to get them looking as good as possible and having been blown away by there clarity when testing them. Being a proud owner of a pair of Ditton 66 I fully appreciate good sound quality and these are the second best sounding pair of speakers I own. I will be satisfied parting with these speakers knowing that I have restored them to near former glory an that they can be enjoyed for years to come.

Model – Celestioin Ditton 15
Construction: 2-way speakers
power output – 40 Watt
Impedance – 4 ohm

If you have any questions or want come hear how they sound, please contact me.

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